February Training

February is Grappling Month!


Double Leg Takedown

I hope everyone is doing ok.  We just wanted to take a moment and update everyone on upcoming events and news at Dragonfly. 

This Month is our Grappling Month (February) so we will be working on

Double Leg Takedown for the First Two Weeks and then

Side Control for the following two seeks. 

Kids Basic will be working on Mount Escapes. 

February 23rd is our Parents Night Out (Mardi Gras fun!)  You can sign up via our Dragonfly App from the App Store or follow the link provided. 

On a side note, I will be having Surgery sometime in February to correct a neck issue I have been dealing with for the past couple of months.  I have been informed that after the surgery, I will require 2 weeks recovery before I can return to teaching and office work at the School.  Just wanted to make everyone aware in case you don’t see me.  As I get the date and time, I will let everyone know. 

-Steve Williams

Dragonfly Martial Arts