Teaching Respect

At Dragonfly Martial Arts, we focus on teaching respect day in and day out, but what is respect?  Respect is treating people the way you want to be treated.  How many times in our day do we can be respectful and well-mannered or polite and considerate? 

By showing respect, we offer the potential for more friendships and deeper relationships, as well as an environment of peace and harmony.  To be truly effective, a person must respect oneself as well as others.  This is accomplished by aspiring to be a better person through exercise and healthy eating, constant learning, and doing the things you love. 

Respect is the foundation of any great school, family, or business, it creates a positive environment for people to learn, grow, and be their best!  The quality of your behavior has the potential to improve greatly when rooted in respect.  Great leaders never demand respect either, they earn it by being the best example for everyone to follow.  Our goal is to always demonstrate good manners, be polite and considerate of everyone. 

Respect builds character. A student who has self-respect will be goal-oriented and aspire to be the best person they can be. Teach your students to respect themselves by exercising and eating healthy foods, to respect their minds through constant learning, and to respect their hearts by doing the things they love such as spending quality time with their family.

A household-based upon respect teaches children to value their parent’s needs as well as their own. It teaches them healthy boundaries and to follow the rules you set as a parent.  Respect encourages your children to get along with their siblings. It teaches them to respect the

values that make up your family. It gives them the ability to honor themselves and others.  Respect builds character. A child who has self-respect will be goaloriented and aspire to be the best person they can be. You can be the best example of respect for your children to follow. Treat them well as you would have them treat you well.