FAMILY: The most important part of your life.

Overview: The importance of family is of great value. It gives people a sense of belonging, self-worth and purpose. It is the very foundation of cultures throughout history and the world.

Good family values have the potential to help build, guide and influence children to be their very best. Those values should be rooted in respect, trust, and love”! They should teach children to be grateful by often thinking of their family’s needs first.

Student: Your family is the most important part of your life. They are more important than your friends and everything you have. Your family are the people who you can love, trust and depend upon. You can always count on them to care for you and to help you to make the best choices.

So how can you show your family they are important? First, you should respect your parents, and brothers and sister if you have any, by treating them well. Show you are thankful for your family by always saying “Please” and “Thank you.”

Show your parents they are important by listening to them and doing what they ask. If you have brothers and sisters you can show them by helping them and getting along. You can show your family they are way important by often thinking of their needs first instead of your own. It shows good teamwork and that you love them very much.

Parent: Good family values are the recipe for a quality home life. They help shape and guide your children in today’s very challenging society.

As parents, make it your priority to teach your children these values. It provides them with a foundation to be their very best. It also teaches them that their family are the people they can love, trust and depend upon.

At our school, we believe in good family values and they are the building blocks of our curriculum and programs. You can be rest assured that we will support you in reinforcing these values in every class we instruct. We consider it a great honor and thank you for choosing our school and allowing us to serve you and your family.