January Newsletter

A New Year

As we begin the new year, often this is the time people set new goals, and begin working on a new you.  I want to challenge this status and consider that we should always be trying to grow.  Instead of saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” why not say “I will do it now”.  This is a philosophy that most successful people around the world have.  If you are looking to make changes this coming year, Id like to provide a small insight on how to make them stick this time. 

Why is it that when we want to change or improve, we often don’t and begin to fall back into what is comfortable?  The reason is that our mind and body is hardwired to do this.  Comfortable is safe, and our body is designed to keep us safe.  Rather than taking the moment to be uncomfortable and grow to make it comfortable, the feeling of uneasiness is our body telling us we shouldn’t be doing this. 

In order to get past this, we must take the time to work on our minds and tell the mind to listen to us.  So, as you move into your new goals this year, make sure that you are working on your mind first, and conditioning it to listen to you, rather than what the body wants. 

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out

Join us on January 11th from 6 to 9 PM for Pizza and Dodge ball!  This is a Free event, and open to the public. The Party will include dinner (pizza), drinks (water), and tons of fun for everyone! You do not have to be a student to attend, and yes, friends and siblings are welcome! Space is limited to 40 participants, so please register early!  You can register online here.     

Kids Fun Camp

Upcoming Kids Fun Camp

Students are out of school on January 20th for MLK Day, and that means we will have our Star Wars Themed Day Camp!  Please bring a sack lunch and come ready for fun!  Camp will run from 9 AM to 3 PM, (with 7 AM drop off and 6 PM pick up available).  Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character and have some fun with a lightsaber battle.  Feel free to bring your Nerf guns as well for some epic Battles!  You can register online here.

Middle School Dodgeball Night

Middle School Dodgeball Night

Join us on January 18th from 6 to 9 PM for Pizza and Dodge ball!  This event is specially designed for our Middle Schoolers and Teens.  No cost to you, but we will be playing some dodge ball and having some fun!  You can sign up online here

Women's Self-Defense

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

January 25th, we will be hosting a women’s self-defense workshop.  This workshop will be designed for women and teens, and specifically focused on helping those that may be headed off to college soon and want some added security to know how to defend themselves.  There is no cost for this event, but you must register prior to attending.  Space is limited to 20 participants. You can register online here.

For more information about upcoming events and activities, please feel free to contact Dragonfly Martial Arts. We look forward to serving you!